Friday, 10 August 2018

Summer is upon us!

For once we are enjoying a long hot summer, one of those ones that we dream of, sunkist hair and sandy beaches, of reading books and enjoying summer cocktails… and then there is reality!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys more than life itself and I do love the sunshine but the reality is its too hot to move! I have sweat in places that quite frankly is awful, keeping the house resembling organised is a mega mission, the children are like termites that will eat everything and anything that I have in the cupboard and any communication between the three of them ends in either verbal or physical fights! As for Sunkist hair, more like dry split ends and the closest im currently getting to a cocktail is a glass of water as its even too hot to drink my beloved tea!

I am grateful for the weather and I will be one of the first to moan as soon as it gets cold or wet, but for now please cool off by just a few degrees.

So, my mission – how to keep the kids entertained whilst not in front of computers and not killing each other… wish my luck!!

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