Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Not feeling ok ... is ok!

So I’m sitting here writing this whilst honestly feeling really rather awful. 

The funny thing is as a mum not being ok, seems to be one of the hardest things to admit and allow ourselves to be. 

From the instant that we become parents we put someone else first, someone else takes priority and making sure that they are more than fine is most important, then life kicks along, they grow, maybe more children come along and then before we know it we seem to be so far down the pecking order that even acknowledging that we aren’t fine becomes a mission. 

So here I am putting it out there.. today I’m just not ok!

I have a list of jobs that I need to do, washing piling all over the bathroom floor and what am I doing... I’m stopping and acknowledging that I really feel rubbish! So I’m going to take this hour before I have to drag my sorry but out on the school runs to acknowledge that I’m not ok! I feel naff, and when I feel naff my anxiety and depression use it as a wonderful time to try and worm their way back into my head. I’m going to stop. I’m going to just take an hour to not be ok, to rest and think about me, some self care, and remember, actually as mums we need to be the top of the pecking order for a while! 

Wish me luck and please tell me I’m not alone? 

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