Saturday, 5 January 2019

                 So, Christmas and New Year have passed…

I’m still a little out of sorts as the boys don’t actually start back at school until Monday but I am trying to re-focus and get organised again in the kitchen.

One thing I HATE – Food waste! It really, really annoys me. So, as I stood looking at lots of carrots and parsnips that were looking a little sad I decided it’s time to get back in my kitchen, get organised and use things up. 

So today I have made Spicy Carrot and Parsnip soup.I actually think the title is misleading as our boys don’t like lots of spice and it really wasn’t that spicy, it does have warmth from some curry powder and the ginger but the sweetness of the carrots and parsnips really balanced it out. 

It was super easy, took about fifteen mins to prep and 30 mins to cook, plus I have popped some in pots and frozen for busy days. Mum win! 

As a basic summary – Spicy Carrot and Parsnip Soup

·      Chop two onions – pop in a large pot and fry off with a splash of olive oil. 
·      Peel and Thinly chop three cloves of garlic.
·      Grate about an inch piece of ginger.
·      When the onions are soft add the ginger and garlic and cook for another couple of minutes. 
·      Add a table spoon of curry powder of your choice (I used a tandoori powder as its all I had in the cupboard!) and cook for a further couple of mins. 
·      Chop up your parsnips (I had five big ones) 
·      Chop up your carrots (I had quite a few)
·      Pop them all in the pot with the spices, onions, ginger and garlic and give a quick stir. 
·      Add one litre of stock – I used chicken as I didn’t have veggie stock!
·      Simmer for 30mins or until veg is tender (soft to a knife going in!)
·      Whizz up with a hand blender or in a food processor and you’re done!

I served ours with a swirl of cream (Left over from new year!!) and a handful of pumpkin seeds, alongside some nice sour dough and easy bake baguettes. 

I have to be honest – Jack cried when I put it on the table as apparently, he hates soup – however, he ate it all and said it was the best soup ever! I think the sweetness of the veggies helped! 

We all loved it and it really is super easy. 

Hope you enjoy! 



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